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What’s happened to

February 14, 2009 Leave a comment
One of the first web pages which came out with the first wave of Microsoft’s Live initiative was I use it for my home page and really like it. Since wave three though Microsoft seems to be ignoring it. I’ve seen no development going to it, and there are no links from any other microsoft webpage to it. Compared to the rest of live with links to spaces, photos, home, etc. I personally like better than¬† I know Microsoft is trying to compete with iGoogle, and the need to. I know people who remain on gMail because of iGoogle. My coworker Peter is a big gMail fan, but he does use because it’s a great RSS aggregator. I think it is as well. You can tell the original design of was for people to be writing and submitting gadgets, but that’s just not happening. So Microsoft, use this great tool, write some better gadgets, create a large variety of themes¬†and pull people away from iGoogle. While you’re at it rename back to This attitude of "me too, me too." is the reason why you’re not getting ahead.
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The minimum bar for Outlook

February 9, 2009 Leave a comment
The other day I decided to run the Vista performance analyzer. Lo and behold after a minute of checking the system it determined that the problem application was Outlook 2007. That’s hilarious. I was browsing flash heavy sites during the analasys, and the OS can pin point the problem to Outlook. I think that the minumum bar for any Microsoft product to ship, should be that Windows won’t mark them as a performance problem when running in the environment they were desinged for.

Surprising slow down

February 9, 2009 Leave a comment
The other day I was looking at Task Manager on my girlfriends computer. I sorted the tasks by Page Fault delta and noticed that sidebar was constantly in the hundreds. I found this to be odd, because the sidebar on my Vista machines were never this bad. Thinking of what was differnet between our sidebars I figured the only possible gadget could be the analog clock, which is a default gadget. I ask for permission and then removed the analog clock from the side bar. Instantly sidebar stopped page faulting. As a result her computer has become a little more responsive. No wonder everyone finds Vista so slow. By default when doing nothing it’s constatntly page faulting.