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Aren’t eyes amazing

So today my ward had an activity at a sledding hill up at Snoqualmie pass. After one of my runs down the hill I decided to stay at the bottom of the hill and take pictures. The sun was so very bright, that it was hard to see what the camera was focused on. So I set the setting to continuous shot and just took some pictures. When I got back I looked at the pictures and I can see the hill, but the people are so tiny. It’s incredible. I swear they weren’t that tiny when I took the picture. I think the reason why is because our eyes make up for so much. When we look at something our eyes can focus in on the interesting part with us consciously thinking that we’re zooming in. I know eyes don’t do a good job of zooming in, but we can mentally filter out what we’re not paying attention to, making what we are paying attention to a lot bigger. Anyway, it was just a thought on how amazing our eyes are.

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