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Laymen have lost the ability to record

If you wanted to record audio, how do you do it? Twenty years ago the answer was easy. Every tape player had the ability to record, had a microphone and an in line. The recording industry thought it would be the end of music. Then the CD player came along. True, most devices had both tape and CD, but more and more didn’t have tape. It was becoming okay to have music devices that didn’t record because there were still tape players around.

Then Apple came out with the iPod. In a desire to simply they didn’t include recording functionality. Now practically all competing music players don’t have the ability to record. My Creative Zen had a microphone and could record radio. My current Walkman can’t record. So if I had to record something I wouldn’t know how to do it. I know my phone can record, but I don’t think the quality is that good, and I have to have the phone up to my head. I’ve felt like we’ve lost the ability to record. The music industry got their wish.

Yes, if someone wanted to record something they could purchase devices to do it and wire things up. It’s still possible to do. Most likely someone would record from a microphone to a laptop. But the ease at which we used to record audio is gone.

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