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Windows 7 ruined my photo groove

It’s times like last night that I really wish I was allowed to participate in Microsoft user usability studies. They totally ruined the way I manage pictures.

In Vista I would pull of the pictures over from the camera and into a folder where I would then have them sorted by Date Taken. This was easy because there’s a customizable bar at the top of the window allowing you to group and sort on whatever property you want. Then I go through and rename all of the pictures, add tags and fix up red eye. Having them sorted by Date Taken is very important in this process because if they were sorted by name I’d lose track of what I was doing if the files resorted as I was renaming them. After that I would then run TitleSetter (a program I wrote and have posted about) to set the title meta data for all of the pictures, if they didn’t already have a title.

Yesterday was the first time I tried to do this in Windows 7. The experience was bad. First of all Windows 7 doesn’t have that handy row at the top of the window with the properties you can sort/group by. It does have a little button that will let you Arrange by Day (note, not Date Taken), Month, Folder, Rating or Tag. Something that’s frustrating with this is that it doesn’t let you reverse the order. So when you sort by Day it groups them by day, but the order within the day may be reversed. The default button for arranging doesn’t have a way for sorting by Date Taken it was killing me. Because what’s useful is to have large pictures, not in any sort of group, but listed in reverse order so that I can name all of the files with what fits in the contents of the picture.

Barring the file sorting and name the next frustrating part was adding some of the properties. In Vista you can make the Explorer window bigger and it will show more metadata. Not in Win 7. It shows only some basic properties and no more. So now there’s an extra step of pulling up the context menu, select properties and finding the right property.

I ran my TitleSetter program and it didn’t set the title of any of the pictures. Why? Because they were all “        “. Yup, Windows 7 had given every picture a title of spaces. Oh, great. I moved the pictures to my Vista computer and reran the program, expecting it to fail, but it didn’t. It passed. Windows 7 didn’t add a title metadata, but it saw a null title and had the API return one full of spaces.

Another annoying thing I found in the process was that in Vista you can press shift when right clicking in an Explorer window and an “Open Command Window Here” option appears. They took that away. Argh. I used that!

All in all, every step of my picture storing groove was messed up by Windows 7.

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