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What does a secure password make?

I have a handful of user id’s and passwords which I use on a variety of websites throughout the internet. I recently felt that it was time to change the password to a bunch of the websites. I came up with a brilliant new password and tried it out but it didn’t work for a lot of the websites that I wanted to use it on. The reason was that it had a non alphanumeric character. So I emailed the help of the website and asked what’s wrong with the character. I received an email back saying that they restricted the password to alphanumeric characters for my security. My security! How does restricting characters to a certain subsets of characters increase my security? They also said that most server products do this. What server products? I worked as a security admin for Wal-Mart where they needed a unified log in system to all of their legacy as well as modern systems, and we enforced that passwords have at least one non alphanumeric character.

I was talking about this at work and my coworker Martin said they some websites do this to avoid SQL injection attacks. Holy cow, they process the passwords and are afraid of SQL injection attacks? They should just sanitize their input strings. They shouldn’t make me use a less secure password.

So I thought and I thunked and I came up with a new password, which I feel is less secure, but was accepted by most websites. There is one website though that I’d like to update, but it requires at least one alpha character, one numeric character and one non alphanumeric character. I like that system. Why can’t more websites be like that?

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