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Getting rid of fake directory names in Windows 7

In Windows Vista if you open up your users profile Explorer windows you will see subdirectories like Contacts, Documents, Videos, etc. If you browse to the same directory with a command line utility (my preference is PowerShell) and list the contents of the directory you see Contact, Documents, Videos, etc. When you upgrade to Windows 7 one thing that stands out pretty quickly is that a couple of the directories are renamed to My Documents, My Music or My Videos. It’s kind of annoying because, of course they’re the items of the owner of the profile. But it doesn’t do the renaming for all of the directories, just some of them. So when I’m not in Library view (whose primary feature is that it is the easiest way to get to Public Documents in my mind) I would look for the Documents directory between Downloads and Desktop. But it wasn’t there. It was “My Documents” between Links and “My Music”. What really threw a wrench into my Windows experience was the fact that I spend most of my time in the command line and if I listed out the directories none of them began with “My ”. All of the directories had the name they had in Vista. So depending upon the view they changed name. How annoying.

I asked around and someone showed me that I could rename the directory, but that didn’t help when viewing the directory from another computer.

I was able to get help and want to share the solution on how to get rid of miss named directories in Windows 7.

If you open up folder options and select “Show hidden files” and then open up your Documents directory you’ll see a Desktop.ini file. Right click and edit the file. There will be a line that begins with LocalizedResourceName. Delete that line. Repeat for My Music, My Videos, etc. The next time you log in the directories will have the correct names in an Explorer window. Now the name of the directory will be the name of the directory.

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