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A WCF service that doesn’t require administrator rights

I have tried a handful of times to write a Windows Communication Foundation service. Knowing WCF is going to become more important to programmers as the years go on. One thing that I don’t like about all of the examples is that they require administrator access on the computer to run them. The reason is because the examples all bind to HTTP ports, and like using the ability to auto generate the client code. Or the example uses IIS to host the service. I don’t thing I should have to be running as administrator to create practice examples, I wouldn’t be using the code auto generation feature, and any service I would write for work is not going to be hosted by IIS. So on and off I’ve tried to right an intra computer communication example. I’ve finally got one.

In the following code each namespace was it’s own .Net project. One thing that I intentionally did was make the client code not dependent upon the service code. While pointless for intra computer communication, it’s very important for where I work. At work our multi computer test topologies run the tests from an “Automation Host” which doesn’t have product binaries on it.

The code doesn’t seem to have survivied the migration from Windows Live Spaces to WordPress. The code has been posted at http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/WCF-Non-Administrator-b5d6a3bd

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