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Cat Food Ball

One of the toys that we have for our cat Isis is a food ball. It’s a hollow plastic ball about one inch in diameter. It has a hole in one end that lets kibble in and out. The idea is that the cat bats the ball around and kibble slowly drops out. It gives the cat something to do besides waltzing up to a bowl and eating.

When we first got this one for Isis she never used it. Then for two or three nights I didn’t put food in her food bowl, I only put food in the food ball. I make sure that her food bowl has kibble in it during the night (I don’t want her to starve) but during the day I make sure that the food ball has food in it. Isis now prefers the food ball. She hardly touches her food bowl anymore. When there’s kibble in the food ball she doesn’t knock it around wrecklessly, she wants to food. So she nudges it along with her nose, constantly sniffing waiting for another piece of kibble to drop out.

I think it’s fun to watch.

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