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How to find a cat that doesn’t meow

For all of those who don’t know, Amanda and mines cat Isis doesn’t meow. She will when we’re giving her a bath, but then it’s more of a threat to kill us all once she’s been dried off.

On Thursday I come home and David is there playing Guitar Hero III. I’m putting my jacket away in the coat closet and Michael comes out from the back room. We go look at the kittens and talk about the kittens for a little while. I’m walking around, getting the kittens food, etc. when I notice that I don’t see Isis. No big deal. Then when talking with David I hear Isis collar jingle. I look around, no Isis. Hmmm. She must have ran by really quickly.

For the next few minutes there’s still more coming and going and I don’t see Isis, and neither do Michael or David. I hear the jingle when watching Guitar Hero and then really look around. I don’t see Isis at all. What is she up to. I go and grab something in the kitchen and when I’m walking back I see a paw desperately pawing out from the coat closet. Poor Isis. She must have seen my putting my jacket away as an opportunity to investigate the coat closet, and I shut her in!

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  1. Amanda
    June 14, 2010 at 5:11 pm

    Jared! How could you! See if I ever leave home again :p

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