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Disneyland has quick queues

July 28, 2010 Leave a comment

I know that Disneyland is infamous for having long queues for rides. I remember years ago when we were at Disneyland as a family that we would spend hours in some of the queues. I also remember when we would get near the ride that I would think that they weren’t loading the cars as fast as they could. Sometimes it was because of some park visitors had physical trouble getting in or out of cars, but most of the time it seemed like the process wasn’t as streamlined as it could be. Most of the time it seemed like the queues were never advancing, and we were more standing around than advancing in a queue.

Last week Amanda and I were at Disneyland with my family, and while we still had to wait in some long queues they tended to move quickly. I was honestly impressed with how the queues were generally always moving (Grizzly River Run being the exception). Then when it was time to load onto the car it was usually a quick process. Plus when we were on the ride I noticed how it seemed like the cars were packed tighter. Not more people per car, but more cars per foot of track. I remember when I was little how it was rare to see the boat in front of you in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Now, they’re packed so tight you can see four boats in front of you. I honestly think that Disneyland made a conscious effort to find ways to make it possible to allow for more people per attraction per hour. I was honestly quite impressed.

There was much less standing around in a never ending queue this trip to Disneyland than there was ten years ago. Thank you Disneyland.

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