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Cat Tales

I’ve primarily known two cats in my life. The first is Didi, a long black hair cat which Katrina got when I was six years old. The second is Isis, a short hair cat that Amanda got when I was twenty seven years old. One thing that I have found entertaining is seeing Isis’s tail. I’m talking about when I see just her tail. The typical case is when I’m sitting at the table eating, and over the table I see the tip of a tail giving away Isis’s position. I find it a little entertaining. I don’t remember this happening with Didi. There could be multiple reasons for that though.

1) I was too short to see anything over the table when Didi ever walked around with her tail sticking up.

2) I don’t remember if Did ever walked around with her tail up. Since she had long hair her tail would have been heavier.

3) Didi never hung around the table like Isis does. Since we don’t discourage Isis from jumping up on the table, when we’re eating Isis will jump on the chairs and find ways to play with us while we eat.

Anyway, I find it funny that there’s this cat periscope giving away Isis’s position while I’m sitting down and enjoying a meal.

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  1. Katrina
    September 27, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    I like kitty stories!

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