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Flying car parts

This morning as I was walking out to the bus a car pulling out of a side street caught my attention. It was a small commuter car and the piece of plastic which protects the front underside of the car was holding on by one screw. This large piece of plastic was being held on by a single screw on one side of the car, leaving the rest of it to drag along the ground. From anybody standing outside of the car it’s obvious that it is dragging a large piece of the car under it. How does the driver not notice this?
When the car accelerated upto about 20 mph I saw how the driver might not notice. There was enough of an air current being pushed under the car that the wing shaped like piece of plastic started "flying". I can hear the Car Talk conversation in my head right now.
Caller: "There’s a dragging sound everytime I accelerate, coming from under the car, but then it goes away once I get to street speeds. Any idea what it is?"
Car Talk Host: "I wonder if there’s a squirrel trapped under your car trying to get out."
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