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Why adding features to cell phones wouldn’t have worked

In my last post http://jader3rd.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!E1B1EA6459441949!5293.entry, I mentioned a great idea which is still an opportunity lost. Now I’m going to talk about why it wouldn’t have worked. The reason why Microsoft working with handset creators wouldn’t have worked is because of carries. Especially Verizon. Verizon loves charging for everything. Want a cord that will connect your cell phone to your computer? $20. It’s ridiculous. That should be an assumed part of the phone. Plus, Verizon cripples devices. We’ve seen it with Symbian and we’re seeing it with Android. For years Nokia has come to Verizon with a new phone and Verizon will pay Nokia to cripple features on the phone. Then it will sell us the phone, and sometimes charge us extra if we want the features uncrippled. It’s so wrong it’s disgusting.

That was part of the problem that Windows Phone had. Microsoft created the phone OS, gave it to device makers and said “It’s perfectly customizable, do what you want with it.” Part of the problem is that they did really crappy things to their phones to “differentiate” them from their competitors phones. Plus the carries (with Verizon being the most guilty) would then disable/cripple features of the OS before selling the phone.

So even if Microsoft and Nokia worked really hard on getting a great Sync story working between Windows and their phones, Verizon would have killed it.

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