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Windows Media Center computers should not have included Explorer.exe

In 2005 Windows XP started shiping with a Media Center edition. All of the big box computer resellers started pushing it as the OS to have. But all it was was Windows XP SP2 with the Media Center application. The computers were designed to be Media Center computers, but I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of them are not being used as Media Center computers. In the news it’s easy to hear talk about Apple TV or Google TV, but never Windows Media Center. The reason is because the mouse does not work as an input to a TV, but that’s what Microsoft required anyway.
I think that Windows Media Center would be more in peoples minds if the Media Center editions of Windows did not include explorer.exe. Instead of booting up to explorer, the computer would boot up to Media Center. This would change the paradigm of what was possible for the computer. A Media Center computer would no longer be a Windows computer, that has a Media Center application, but would be a computer for the TV.
Think about it. The paradigm shift would be exactly what Microsoft needs to get Media Center into more homes. Also the reduced functionality would justify a price reduction, and if the price would hover just over the price of a Tivo, I would be surprised if anyone would want anything but a Windows Media Center machine.
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