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Kitty Krash

This morning, just after Amanda and I made the bed, we were getting dressed and Isis jumps up onto the bed. I was standing on the right of the bed and Amanda was standing on the left of the bed, in between the bed and her dresser. Isis must have decided that being on Amanda’s dresser would be better than being on the bed and made a running sprint towards the dresser. From what I could tell it looks like that she was able to jump where she was planning on jumping. However, it didn’t look like she got the jump she wanted. I think Isis was able to lift her front paws up high enough that they made it to the top of the dresser, but that was it. Bam! Isis head butts the dresser and falls. I couldn’t help but laugh, it was so funny. I see Isis take off and a moment later all I see are her back legs spread wide in that they still had forward momentum, but the rest of her body did not. Then I see Isis fall in a ball of scrambling fur and paws as she tried to find a hold on something. Isis didn’t find a hold on anything and hit the floor. Amanda immediately picked her up and started consoling her while I stood there and laughed and laughed. If only I knew to have recorded it.

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