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Trouble with blocking internet ads based off of IP Address

The IE team has a good article on the pros and cons of different solutions to blocking ads while using a browser. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2010/11/30/selectively-filtering-content-in-web-browsers.aspx. I have taken the approach of blocking based off of IP Address using the Windows firewall. I was hoping to use the router firewall, but firewall management is horrible with it. I personally would like discovering the IP Addresses to block to be easier, but o’well.
Two problems that I’ve discovered thus far with IP address based ad blocking is that two of the larger players (Microsoft and Google) will serve up non ad content from the same IP Addresses as their ad servers. For example, I figured out the subnet that Microsoft uses for serving up their ads. I blocked the subnet in my firewall, and everything seemed great until I went to photosynth.net. Photosynth itself wasn’t blocked, but it’s CSS file was, causing Photosynth to become unusable. The other problem I encoutered is ads in videos. Since I ended up blocking the mandatory ads which are shown before viewing videos I effectivly stopped myself from seeing any videos. So it was great for not seeing banner ads, but sadly also blocked plenty of entertainment.
It wouldn’t surprise me, if in the future even loading the basic html page will require viewing a mandatory ad first. I know it’s been tried in the past, and failed because users left the website, but if all of the big players started doing it at the same time it would turn into something everyone would somehow deal with.
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