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Growing up in different worlds

The other night my sister who’s eight years younger than I am, called me up and asked how to get a screen shot of her computer. I walked her through using the PrtScn key and pasting the result into Paint, but I was caught of gaurd when she asked me what Paint was. How could she not know about Microsoft Paint? When we first got a computer playing with Paint was the only thing to do on the computer besides play Mine Sweeper.
I remember having lots of fun with that computer. It ran Windows 3.1 and for a while the only programs it had installed where Compton Encyclopedia and WordPerfect for DOS. So when we weren’t gung ho about doing homework we would play Mine Sweeper, Solitare, or Paint. Paint was a staple of the first few years of my home computing experience. We had so much fun moving the mouse around, drawing shapes of different colors. Sometimes we’d be so proud of ourselves we’d print our pictures out to impress our parents. How could my sister have forgotten all of this?
Oh wait, I was eleven when we had that computer. So by the time my aforementioned sister was old enough to start playing on the computer the family had a newer Windows 98 computer with actual computer games to play. Weird.
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