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Metroid: Other M really is that cool

I haven’t played the other games in the Metroid series because of my experience with Super Metroid. I just didn’t like it. This year Nintendo came out with Other M, and after readying all of the great reviews I decided to give it a try and received it as a gift for Christmas. One of the reasons why I didn’t get it right away is that the controls aren’t a nunchuck connected to the Wii remote ala Twilight Princess, or GoldenEye 007. The controls are just a Wiimote positioned in the classic style, making the game a side scroller. So it didn’t look Wii motion control centric to me.

I’m glad that the reviews one over my reservations. The game is awesome in every way. The graphics are the best I’ve seen on the Wii, the story is really fun and involved, and the controls are great. What’s different about the controls are that it doesn’t follow a normal side scroller. Since the beginning of time, side scrolling computer games follow the pattern of having right and left move the character, down is duck, and up is either look up or jump. That way as bad guys attack from different heights the character either shoots up, at a diagonal, or jumps and shoots horizontal. What Other M does differently is remove the need for accurate shooting from the player. The player just needs to point Samus (the protagonist) roughly in the direction of the target and when you fire the weapon Samus makes up the difference. The result is that up and down on the D-pad are now free for walking away from the screen or toward the screen. Giving the camera a lot of ways to optimally position itself, and the different rooms/hallways can be of a varying depth.

All parts are not left up to the side scrolling controls either. In a way reminiscent of Super Paper Mario, pointing the Wiimote at the screen changes the view. In Other M it takes the camera from a side scroller or third person view, to the first person point of view. You can’t move Samus in this view, but you get to do precise aiming, and make use of different weapons. If the transition between the two views wasn’t seamless this would be annoying, but it is very seamless.

So with great and unique controls, great graphics and a great story, Metroid Other M is a must have single player game for the Wii.

PS. My experience though hasn’t been very single player. Amanda and has enjoyed watching me play, to see the story progress, and she likes pointing out passageways or items I may have missed.

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