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The Dangers of playing Wii with Fire

When the Nintendo Wii was released there were different news stories about how “dangerous” it was. People jumping and waving their arms around might end up hurting themselves, destroying property, or be handicapped with an unrealistic view of their physical prowess. Now that it’s been over four years one doesn’t hear those stories anymore, but perhaps as a society we need to wait for a generation to pass before passing judgment on the unforeseeable consequences of the Wii.

I did find out something interesting the other day, and that is that fire and Wii don’t mix. Sounds like a dangerous combination, doesn’t it? I found this out when playing Metroid: Other M. Amanda decided to light a fire in our fire place. Our couch is situated on the west wall of the condo and the fire place is on the north. Metroid is a game where the Wiimote moves from a classic style D-pad on the left held horizontally position, to standard point at the screen, during the entire game. I was really frustrated when playing and it seemed like the Wii was having trouble making up its mind about the direction the Wiimote was pointed, which really interrupts game play. I changed Wiimotes and the problem persisted. I had a little thought and stopped playing to wait for the fire to die down.

Surely enough, a few hours later, the fire had died down and Metroid was back to being an awesome gaming experience. The morale of the story is that one should not play the Wii with a fire on their left.

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