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When Rage isn’t so enraging

For Christmas, Amanda and I received Rage. It’s a card game with Uno like cards and kind of plays like Hearts. The premise is that you win a ‘trick’ by laying down the highest numbered card of either the lead color or the trump color. The game is most likely called rage because you might lay down a card, and feel positive as to your win (or in some cases your loss) of the trick, but someone subsequently lays down a card which upsets your confidence of the outcome.

Should you be really confident, and then all of a sudden your upset, you then feel enraged. Amanda and I have played the game three times. Once with my family (where I think there were seven players), once with Amanda’s family (where I think there were seven players) and once with the Wilsons (where there were four players). I noticed something when playing with the Wilsons though, I wasn’t nearly as enraged. I’m not one to hold grudges or start hating another player because they did whats best for their interest, but I will show outbursts of emotions when things suddenly don’t go my way. These aren’t serious emotions, because being melodramatic about games does make them more entertaining. I think the reason why I wasn’t enraged so much is that with four players there’s a lower probability of someone playing a card which would foil my crafty schemes.

The package does say that it’s a game for 2-8 players (and we did calculate at the Wilsons that it can work with 9). I don’t see how it would be any fun with two players, and since I find emotional swings to be the fun part of the game I suggest playing with as many players as one can find. Because if you don’t become enraged at Rage, what’s the point?

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