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I hate Mario’s Momentum

Some of my earliest memories is playing Super Mario Bros. and being very frustrated when Mario would fall off of edge. I would be upset because I didn’t press right on the D-Pad for Mario to move, and yet he would and he’d fall. I never remember having this problem with any other Nintendo game, just Super Mario. Now that I’ve played a lot of Super Mario Bros. 3 recently I noticed having the same problem. It’s so annoying. Thankfully it wasn’t as bad with Super Mario 64, and I never noticed it in either of the Super Mario Galaxy’s, so the problem is being address. However, the little bit of Super Mario Bros Wii (which is a 2-D side scroller) that I’ve played I’ve noticed the issue.

Either way, I just want everyone to know that for my whole live I’ve hated Mario’s momentum.

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