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Where Magic messed up with black

I like playing Magic: The Gathering. It’s fun. For those who don’t know the “magic” in Magic is divided up into five colors: white, blue, black, red and greeen. I generally avoid playing with black. The primary reason is that games which use black cards aren’t as fun. With the way a lot of the black card special abilities work it’s feasible to have two players with black decks facing off against each other, or two players with non black decks facing off against each other. But if one player has black and the other player has non black, the black deck tends to dominate so much that the game isn’t really that fun. True, some cards of other colors have anti black capbilities (especially white), but I don’t think that it cuts it.

One is reason is the Life Link ability. It favors black way too much, due to the fact that Vampires are a natural fit for that ability. They should get rid of that ability on permanants.

The next big reason is because a bunch of the black creatures have the ability to only be blocked by black creatures. I hypothies that the idea being conveyed is that the creature is so scary that all creatures of any other color would be too scared to block this big, evil, black creature. This is where I think Magic got it backwards. In reading any book where your in a dark and scary place, everyone is afraid of everyone else. There’s cutthroats and back stabbers everywhere. The only ones who stand up to this (generally the hero’s) are law enforcement or good-doer types. So instead of having black creatures which can only be blocked by black creatures, it should be that the big, bad black creature can’t be blocked by another black creature.

I think these two corrections would go a long way to making games with black cards more enjoyable.

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