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Bryant and I must have had Ocarina of Time down

A few weeks ago I was going over one of the announcements about the release titles for the Nintendo 3DS and it mentioned Ocarina of Time (which originally was released for the N64) and it mentioned how the Water Temple was made easier due to customer feedback. Since then I’ve noticed it mentioned in other places how people found the Water Temple to be very difficult. From some of the comments on the internet it seriously sounds like many people have been emotionally damaged by that stage. I find this surprising because I don’t remember it at all.

I remember a lot of Ocarina of Time; Bryant and I played it together when it came out. I remember a bunch of the stages, but I don’t remember getting stuck in the Water Temple. If before reading the announcement and you asked me what I remembered about Ocarina of Time I wouldn’t have mentioned the Water Temple. We didn’t look up cheats and hints online (didn’t have an internet connection at the house that time anyway), we didn’t get a players guide or anything. We just sat down and played the game together, watching what the other did on their file and coming up with ideas together. I remember really enjoying that game.

I know this makes me sound like I’m bragging about being an awesome gamer, but I’m not. I’m not an awesome gamer. I have a feeling that if I were a hardcore gamer, and even if I didn’t have exceptional trouble in the Water Temple, I would have at least heard about it before now. I still haven’t been able to defeat Super Mario Bros. 3, and believe me, I’ve tried. But this little piece of news does make me feel like that in-between Bryant and I, one of us must have some skills.

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