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Shigeru Miyamoto should give Peach and Zelda love interests

In a bunch of fan films (or other fan art) I see online based on either Super Mario Bros. or the Legend of Zelda there’s always a built in assumption that Mario and Princess Peach are a romantic item and Link and Princess Zelda are a romantic item. The source of this assumption is pretty obvious, our hero’s have rescued their respective princesses multiple times. How could girls not help but to fall in love? The ironic thing is, is that never in any of the games have our hero’s shown romantic interest in the damsels they’re saving from distress.

Going strictly by the video games (and ignoring the Legend of Zelda cartoon series) Mario likes Pauline and Link likes either from Saria Ocarina of Time or Ilia from Twilight Princess (but only as an adolescent; Link hasn’t shown any interest in anyone as an adult). So given that our hero’s have romantic interests beyond the princesses it would help if the games creator – Shigeru Miyamoto – would give Peach and Zelda romantic interests. I think it would really make things interesting if Link and Mario had to rescue the princesses and their boyfriends. Or really distress the damsels by having the villains kill off their boyfriends.

So why do Link and Mario rescue the princesses if they don’t have a romantic interest? One reason is that they’re hero’s and that’s what they do. The other reason is that the kidnapped princesses are generally kidnapped because the villains (Bowser and Gannon) are up to something evil and the princesses are a catalyst for some sort of spell or are a political bargaining chip. Our hero’s don’t want to see their home lands destroyed by evilness, so they’re stopping the villains and that just happens to involve rescuing the princesses.

It would rock the video game world if Zelda and Peach had love interests separate from their hero’s, and I really think that the games creators should do it.

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  1. May 1, 2014 at 8:28 am

    But why want us see Link mary to someone absolutely? it can be a lifelong bachelor.

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