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Lenovo comparisons

The other day my parents were talking about getting a new computer. I wanted to see which deals I could get through work and discovered that the only deals were through HP, Dell and Lenovo. I’ve seen so many problems with HP and Dell’s consumer products I’m never going to purchase them myself leaving only Lenovo. I go over the their website and am actually impressed with the computers they’re offering. Something which computer makers do to differentiate their computers from their competitors is add additional software to help users manage their OS. On the internet this software is known as bloatware or crapware, because it tends to get in the way more than actually helping. Something which caught me by surprise was the Lenovo was not only advertising enhancements to their computers, but they would actually put it only on the more expensive models and had video’s and chart’s showing how it would improve the computer experience. This stuff might actually help (and therefore be worth paying for).

Sadly though, Lenovo’s website didn’t help me find a computer model the way I would like to find it. There’s a page that shows some comparisons between the different form factors, but then you have to drill down into the form factor series to look at comparisons between different versions of the series. I couldn’t find a way to compare a specific version of a specific series to a version on another series. It made it somewhat difficult to see exactly what I would be getting for the different dollars spent on the different models and series. Not impossible, just more difficult than what I would like.

To find out if the fancy Lenovo features are worth it I’ll have to do some more research to see if I can find reviews and opinions from non-Lenovo sources. Lenovo is trying to sell these things, they could be trying to pull a fast one. I’d hate it to pay a couple extra bucks for some software that I endup disabling because I find that it gets in the way. Either way, their website did a good enough job on selling to me the idea that I’m going to put some effort into finding out what I think would be worth it.

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