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Exchange Online needs to worry about PC World

One thing I find funny about the PC World magazine is that they feel that Microsoft can do no right. And yet, Microsoft has been a major contributor to the growth of the Personal Computer. Would PC World magazine even exist without Microsoft? For the PC World editors it’s hard for Google to do any wrong, and Apple surely will never do anything which is not perfect. Microsoft, on the other hand, can only do wrong. Now it does make sense that if the magazine wouldn’t ever say anything bad about any Microsoft products that it’d garner no interest, but the vile hatred they have for Microsoft is entertaining. Ever since Vista shipped, they do seem to like XP though, and can only give dire warnings of any new OS that Microsoft may put out. I think the reason why is because they were able to generate interest for themselves by show casing tools which would help consumers manage a Win9x/XP PC. But ever since Vista a lot of those problems have gone away and you don’t really need much beyond what comes with the OS.

One group which needs to keep an eye on PC World is the Microsoft Exchange team. Exchange has been hosting (that’s right the Exchange product team itself, not some dedicated hosting team) mailboxes for customers since shortly after Exchange 2007 shipped. The idea is that they want to get Exchange to have the same OPEX as Hotmail or any other consumer emailing systems. This then makes the Exchange product the premier enterprise emailing solution, which will also have the lowest overhead possible for a 5 9’s system.

But since Exchange Online comes from Microsoft, any hiccup which occurs in the system will get attacked by PC World. Part of the reason is that there won’t by anyone on the PC World staff who’d have their mailboxes on Exchange Online (which is about to be rebranded as part of the Office 365 service), so they can’t see how good it can be. They only hear when some of the customers are having legitimate issues. Part of what makes it possible to hear what the issues are, is that the Exchange team really wants to be connected to their customers and have made forums were customers can report complaints. Having forums for issues, is not a bad thing, but a few years ago that wasn’t realistic, so the press need to learn how to appropriatly use this new source of information. Previously if a service was having a problem, only the service would hear about it, and a lot of times given the deep tiers of support, not even then.

So I certainly do hope that Exchange can continue to offer the great level of support that they do, and I hope that PC World won’t magnify problems with the service more so than they would with Exchange’s competitors. But given that the competitors consist of GMail, that’s not likely going to happen.

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