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Getting rid of tax breaks is not raising taxes

This past week the US Senate voted 73-27 to get rid of certain tax breaks for corn growers. I am all for this. One of the arguments that the 27 naysayers had was that they were not going to raise taxes. I don’t consider expiring tax breaks as raising taxes. It’s putting taxes back where they should have been without the government manipulating the market. Yes, technically, somebody might end up paying more in taxes. But getting rid of a tax break is worth it. By having less tax breaks the tax code is simpler. Plus tax breaks generally are taken advantage only of those who know about them. And who are the people which are going to know about them? Large corporations who can higher lawyers and accountants to dig through the laws to find these sort of things out. Those are the types who know about all of these different special cases in the tax code.

While I’m not a “tax and spend” type of a guy I also hate debt nearly as much as Andrew Jackson. The US needs to pay off its debt. I also feel that the US government does too much, and tries to fix too many peoples problems and the risk of those people not learning consequences of their actions. But I don’t foresee a reasonable way to pay off the debt by lowering taxes and reducing services, like what some of the Tea Partiers are trying to do.

I also don’t like complicated tax codes. So by getting rid of the tax breaks, the tax code becomes simpler. Also, I don’t think that it’s going to put any of the large farm corporations about of business, so the politicians don’t need to worry about that. If a farm doesn’t feel like they’d make money on corn they’ll grow a crop that they do feel that they’d make money on. They were around before the tax break, they’ll be around after the tax break.

I will never consider getting rid of a tax break, or letting subsidy expire as raising taxes. It’s putting the relationship between the government, the citizen and the market closer to what it should have been in the first place.

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