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Picking a Jury Never Comes up in Shows

Last week I had Jury duty with the Kirkland City municipal court. It was a good experience. The vast majority of cases which they serve are single day cases. One thing I noticed rather quickly was that there more like half day cases because the first half of the is spent picking the jury.
What happens is that the two sides are looking for fair and impartial jurrors (unless they’re shady and hope to get someone biased towards their side) so there is a set of questions the judge asks, and the attorneys then get some time to ask questions. These questions can actually be rather interesting and are a foreshadow as to how they are going to bold their case. These questions can be objected to, argued over, and rejected. The attorneys and judge can deny a juror without cause or with cause.
Everyone could tell that one defendant had a hopeless case when he tried to dismiss all 40 potential jurors because since we all had drivers licenses, we would be unjustly biased against him.
Given how many crime\trial shows seem repetitive (not that I watch a lot) I would think that the shows would use this time to mix things up.

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