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Browser memory usage

Today the internet has been full of comments of bloggers (and those who comment on blogs) commenting on FireFox’s announcement that FireFox 4 is no longer supported (even though it’s only been out for 3 months) and that FireFox doesn’t care about coporate users. A running theme I’ve seen in many of the responces is that lots of people don’t want FireFox to make major updates, all they want is for FireFox to consume less memory. That got me thinking back to when IE 7 was released. When it was, all that was talked about was memory consumption between IE, FireFox and Safari. Something I found ironic today is that I’ve never seen anyone complain about IE 9 memory usage. Is is possible that IE 9 has reasonable memory usage, and since it’s reasonable no one brags about it but no one complains about it either?

I’ll have IE 9 open for weeks at a time, and it never seems like it’s taking over the RAM on any of my computers. While I don’t think that the IE team should start screaming from the roof tops that their memory usage is better (primarily because it’s primarily driven by websites) I do find it to be nice to be using a browser that’s not being branded as a memory hog.

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