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Best review for a Windows Phone

Yesterday I was on the bus talking to a friend of mine. This particular friend seems to switch the cell phone he uses about every six months. He currently has a Windows Phone 7, and if I remember right the previous two were Androids, the one before that was an iPhone and the one before that was a Windows Mobile 6.5. I asked him how he’s liking WP7 and he said that he likes it. There were some little things that he used infrequently from his Androids that he sometimes misses on his WP7, but thing he didn’t miss was the Android battery life. The battery life on his WP7 was so much better than on any of his previous smart phones he can’t go back. He can ignore those little features for a device that lasts as long as a WP7 does. His WP7 gets the job done, and can keep on getting it done for longer.

To me, that is the best review a WP7 can get. Of course a device that does nothing will have wonderful battery life, so I’m  assuming once a certain bar of usability/usefullness is achieved, that battery life is king. Microsoft is coming out with the Mango update to add features to WP7, and they had better make sure that a noticable amount of battery life isn’t sacrificed for those features. Because if it is, there will be customers who migrate to devices with more features per battery life (that’s an interesting metric; is there a name for that unit?), if the battery life isn’t noticably different between the devices.

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