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Age of Empires Online is fun

Today is the last day of the Age of Empires Online Beta. My review for Age of Empires Online is that it is fun. That said, I don’t know how I’m going to feel about the free vs. premium accounts once Age of Empires Online ships in August.

What’s different with AoEO compared to earlier AoE is that you go on quests. You start with a capitol city which is a unique and new concept. You don’t use the capital city like a normal AoE town center. What happens is in your city you can build up resources to by advancements. There are quest givers in your city who give you quests. At first, most of the quests are little things to do which help you learn how to play AoEO. Most of the quests are like traditional AoE games, but most of the time they don’t take as a long. What happens is the advancements you built up in your capitol city are then applied to the quests.

Having only previously played the first Age of Empires I don’t know what the multiplayer experience was like. In Age of Empires Online you can create parties with people through XBox Live (I don’t own an XBox, but now I’m part of XBox Live). Amanda was in the Beta as well, so we’d make a party and then either help each other out with quests, or face off against each other in player vs. player quests. We always had a lot of fun doing both.

Given that there will be a free version of AoEO I think that it will be worth everyone’s time to download it and play it. It will be fun.

  1. July 20, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    I agree 100%

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