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Moore’s Law must not apply to King County Libraries

Moore’s Law states that computers will double in speed every eighteen months. Naturally one would assume then, that over time the computers you interact with with either do more or do the same thing faster. By and large I find this to be true, the exception being King County Libraries.

A few months ago King County noticeably reworked their computer systems. Their website used to be faster than what it is today, with a smoother work flow, and no pop-ups. The painful experience is their self checkout in the libraries. I used to be able to swipe my library card, enter my PIN, swipe the bar code of the book, hit enter, grab the receipt and go. It was as fast as it reasonably could have been. Now, the bar code readers need a lot of coaxing to actually read one of the bar codes. In addition, they threw a mouse into the process. I have to navigate a mouse pointer to a button, where previously I just had to hit enter. Also, the receipts print so slowly. The printers don’t look like they’ve changed, but even if they are newer, why should they be slower? The old system printed as fast as it could push the paper up and out. The current system takes it’s sweet time, as if it were putting on a show or something while printing.

I’d expect libraries to perhaps not advanced technologically as fast as most consumers, but to actually degrade… that takes money.

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