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I’ve started pinning applications to the task bar

One of the features of Windows 7 is pinning an application to the task bar. Let’s contrast this to previous versions of Windows. Think of the familiar Windows XP desktop with no programs running; you see a picture of rolling green hills and beneath the picture is a green oval and a blue line. As you start programs the blue line fills up with (more or less) buttons that help you manage which application you want to be interacting with. That paradigm is still kind of true with Windows 7, but now it’s easier to theme the color of the task bar with the Aero desktop. As you start applications buttons will appear in the task bar. What’s different is that you can have buttons for applications on the task bar which aren’t running.

I’ve always desired a clean desktop. There are only about four or five icons on the desktop. I find lots of icons on the desktop to be clutter, and they don’t help me find the programs I want to interact with. Plus I like looking at the wallpaper occasionally. Naturally this desire for lack of icon clutter extended to the task bar. Recently though, I’ve switched. I found that after a computer reboot I’d start-up pretty much the same applications eventually and keep them running. So I decided to take that set of programs and just pin them to the task bar, since they’d be taking up space there anyway. The two advantages I’ve discovered are: it’s easy to find them to start them, and it’s easier to find them when running because I know where to look for them on the task bar.

So, if you’re stingy about pinning programs to the Windows 7 task bar, don’t be. It’s not clutter (unless you pin about 16 or more) and it is useful. Now pinning websites to the task bar, that still has yet to catch on with me.

  1. Bryant
    July 16, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    I started doing this right when I got 7 for the same reason. I only frequently use 4 or so programs and now they’re always at my fingertips.

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