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Those poor 55 Americans

Today it was announed that the US Department of Justic is filling a suit to block AT&T from purchasing T-Mobile (presumably because they didn’t want the company to be renamed to AT&T&T). Ever since this buyout was annoucned I have yet to see anyone (outside of AT&T) defend the deal as a good one. So when the DoJ announcement was made today, and I saw every tech reporter talking about how it’s good that the buyout might be blocked, I wondered if I could get a different angle on the story. So I jumped over to FoxNews and found this http://www.foxbusiness.com/industries/2011/08/31/report-doj-opposes-atts-t-mobile-usa-buy/ . My favorite quote from the article is

 “AT&T repeated its case that the T-Mobile buy will help ease a drain on  wireless spectrum, allow AT&T to expand 4G mobile broadband to an additional  55 Americans, create tens of thousands of jobs and result in billions of dollars  of additional investment.

Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/industries/2011/08/31/report-doj-opposes-atts-t-mobile-usa-buy/#ixzz1WcoKyfNB

Thyat’s right, the deal would allow AT&T(&T) to provide wireless broadband to 55 more Americans. AT&T is willing to pay 49 billtion dollars to get 55 more wireless broadband customers. Way to fight for the average American AT&T. To recoupe that expense they’d have to charge each user around 1 billion dollars for cell phone service. On the other hand, I hope that a billion dollars can get someone decent AT&T customer service.

Personally I don’t want AT&T to purchase T-Mobile. I like having T-Mobile fighting for customers and innovating on new products. I think those 55 American customers will just have to find a different way to get mobile broadband.

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