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I don’t care about the number of apps

One type of figure that different smart phone proponents like waving into each others faces is the number of “apps” that a particular platform has. And I don’t care. First of all, many of the “apps” are crap; they’re a spin on a similar concept spun out by some faceless app factory that’s trying to get more advertising dollars. Even apps created by legitimate companies are nothing more than clients for a web service. Meaning if they created a decent mobile version of their website the app would add no value. The only thing an app would do then, would be a way to get your companies icon on their list of apps. Even then, the app would simply be a link for the browser to open the mobile webpage. It’s like the number of apps you have on your phone is basically the same thing as the number of webpages which exists in your browsers bookmark/favorites list. Thanks heavens each website doesn’t create its own “app” that we have to install on our desktop computers.

On my smart phone I basically use the Bing Maps application and Wordament. There could be millions of more apps, and it doesn’t matter, because I’ll never use them. I virtually never think to myself “I want to do something I could do on a desktop, but on a smaller screen!”. If it weren’t for the mapping application, I’d be fine not having a smart phone, but I do like maps.

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