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Technology competing with bus driver

One of the bus drivers which drives the route I take home is talkative. He also tries to be a sports announcer, but instead of plays for the intersections we’re coming up to. I find it annoying.

Yesterday the bus had an “upgrade” which included a screen on the inside of the bus showing the next major intersection, and a voice telling everyone the updates. The voice was loud, but that was it’s only problem. The bus driver asked if it was loud and we – the passengers – said yes. Apparently he couldn’t change the volume of the voice. But I bet I know what he didn’t like most about the voice; it didn’t let him practice not quite entertaining and therefore annoying location update announcements.

I suspect the problem the county is trying to solve is that I’m sure bus drivers have a mandate to speak into the bus PA system to give regular updates, and must bus drivers probably don’t meet their mandates. Quite frankly I don’t care. I don’t think they’re helpful. The only time I’d need to know something like that is when I’m asleep, and when I’m sleeping or dozing on the bus I’m not going to be paying attention to the audible location updates.

Maybe the bus driver will quit and finally get his dream job of sports announcer.

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