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Two Years in Windows 7

Two years ago I wrote some posts about how I felt about windows 7 vs Vista. I ended the last one with how there really wasn’t anything in 7 that I liked over Vista. When reading over the posts, all that happened was I started feeling down because I still miss those things, and this only reminded me of that. Now that I’ve had more time using Windows 7 I would like to talk about somethings which are better.

One thing I couldn’t stand in Vista was that searching from the start menu didn’t include Control Panel items. How that was an oversight in Vista, I’ll never know. At least they are there in Windows 7.  Although, start menu searching is still not perfect, if you search for Environment Variable and select “edit the system environment variables” it takes you to a window with a button to edit the variables, not the window itself. As great as Superfetch is in Vista it couldn’t overcome the GDI bottleneck which was carried over from XP. In Windows 7 they were able to get rid of the bottleneck and may I never have to use a system with a bottleneck that like again. Another piece of eye candy I have come to rely on in Windows 7 are the preview windows in the task bar; they are nice.

As far as the workflow for managing pictures is concerned the OS still hasn’t made up for that. One of my coworkers girlfriends is a developer on the Windows shell team and when I explained how my workflow breaks down in Windows 7 her advice was “don’t type that fast”. Windows Live Photo Gallery (wave 4) does provide a better experience than just Explorer, but that wasn’t out when Windows 7 shipped. It may be hard to consider this a good thing, but due to the problems I have with Windows 7 I wrote an application to help me overcome them. I love what I learned, but it is kind of a bummer that the OS fell short and I needed to make up for it. In all fairness the application does more than what Vista did, but Vista was still usable enough to not need it.

I’m not saying that I’d go back to Vista. I never used Windows Media Center in Vista, I use it all of the time in Windows 7, and from what I hear it’s way better. I do like that there were issues addressed in Windows 7. I just think that they cut out nice things from Explorer in hunt of the real bug – loading more dll’s than what it needed to. I also like the Windows 7 Home Groups; sadly the crappy routers everyone gets handed by their ISP really make this a poor experience, but the thought is there.

Hopefully with a more consumer focused design Windows 8 will be exciting to go to. I know I can’t wait.

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