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The Three Musketeers Movie, isn’t

“The Three Musketeers”, produced by New Legacy and Impact Pictures, set to be released 21 Oct 2011, looks like an exciting adventure movie, but it isn’t The Three Musketeers! There are flying airships, super assassins, tremendous explosions, and our hero’s aren’t saving France, they saving Europe! I think the movie was started by a producer who wanted to create a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, without it being too obvious of a copycat. I realize that original story lines are hard to come up with (don’t want to make Hollywood writers work too hard), and that they wanted to make something really exciting, but they don’t need to call the movie something it isn’t. Copy the Three Musketeers story line, no problem; while it bugged people that Avatar was Dancing with Wolves in Space, audiences were still happy to go and see it. I also find offence that they mention Alexander Dumas in their adverts. Keep his good name away from this film!

I’m sure this will be an exciting film and that audiences will flock to it, but couldn’t they have given it a different name to avoid confusion? They could have called it “Extreme Musketeers”, or something like that. I’ll let the flying airships go, I’ll let the fact that Lady D’Winter has become Black Window or Laura Croft slide, the National Treasure-esque puzzles will be entertaining, but if you’re going to change everything give the movie a different name! Half makes me en-angered enough to demand government oversight of offences to our cultural heritage. Ahhh!

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  1. givesgoodemail
    October 9, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    I was dubious about the Sherlock Holmes reboot with Robert Downey Jr., but ended up being pleasantly surprised by it. I have similar hopes for Three Musketeers.

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