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Dinosaurs is still an insightful watch

ABC’s Dinosaurs first aired in 1991 and ran for three years. I remember watching it as a kid and really liking it. It was fun to see live action dinosaurs doing entertaining things and things which I knew must be funny (even if I wasn’t old enough to get the joke). I recently re-watched the first two season and was surprised by its intelligent humor and how they addressed modern day issues. The show obviously had what most would consider a liberal message (or as my Mom put it “is very democratic”), but the way Dinosaurs was able to portray their messages is very entertaining (and hopefully thought provoking) for pretty much everyone.

One issue which Dinosaurs hit on a lot was the corruption which exists in large corporations. Since corporations do exist to make a profit (which inherently isn’t a bad thing), leave them to their own devices and they’ll take actions which are destructive to society as a whole. The plot device for the show is that Dinosaurs had decided a few years earlier to stop being wild animals, build homes, get married, settle down, and build civilizations; as an “experiment”. So entities like government, businesses and schools were all very new and a work in progress. The other key to the corporation plot device was the WeSaySo corporation (took me a while as a kid to get that one). WeSaySo was the biggest corporation and had its hands (or claws) in everything. Everything was built, manufactured, torn down, or sold by WeSaySo. The audiences primary interaction with WeSaySo was the carnivorous Triceratops Forman B.P. Richfield; who is larger and meaner than all of the other dinosaurs. He sat behind a disk, was in a state of constant anger and was always disappointed when he couldn’t eat anything which was bothering him. WeSaySo embodied all villainy and corruption that the shows producers perceived existed in our modern day and age.

Another clever running gag was the puppet show. In Dinosaurs there’s a kid show of sock puppets that baby occasionally watches. The protagonist (Earl Sinclair) finds it entertaining and “really works on two levels”; where as his wife (Fran) finds it to be a silly kids puppet show. It’s obviously a reference to how some critics would view Dinosaurs, and addressing that criticism in that way was smart.

If the show was being made today there would have been at least one episode dealing with big finance and big banks. I don’t know how Dinosaurs would have gone after the injustices they obviously would have seen, but I know would like to see it. Even without an episode like that most of the episodes are still very relevant and quite entertaining.

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