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May I never get this old

The other day I was picking up a prescription from the Group Health Medical Center in Bellevue when I saw something which both entertained and frightened me. In between the stairwell and the pharmacy are three elevator shafts; two on one wall and the third on the opposite wall. As I’m passing between the elevators, on my way to the stairwell, there is an elderly couple. I can see on the light on the elevator request panel that they have requested for an elevator going down. One of the elevator shafts has an open door and next to it the up arrow is lit.

The lady announces “This one’s going up” proceeds into the elevator car and starts repeatedly pressing what looks like to be one of the lower floors. I presume she is thinking that for the first time ever, by pressing a lot of times she can convince an upwards headed elevator to go down. The husband shuffles over to the request panel and presses the already lit down request button; I presume to inform the elevators that it sent a car going in the wrong direction. In the time it takes him to shuffle over to the wall to press the down button again the upwards elevator doors have shut with his wife in them.

There are a couple of ways this played out; I don’t know how I left the scene at this point. It’s possible that the husband got on the down elevator when it arrived, thinking that the logical place to meet up with his wife would be on the floor where they were headed. Or he would stand there and wait for her to return to that floor. I can see the wife riding the elevator all the way up and then all of the way back down again. I can also see her getting off on every floor to see if her husband had made it to that floor searching for her, and then if she doesn’t find him on the floor she thinks he should be on frantically doing it all over again. Either way I’m sure it made for an adventure for them.

I hope that I never get so old as to walk into an elevator car that I know is going up, when I want to go down.

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