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Clone Wars Season 4 is avoidable

I really like the Star Wars Clone Wars series. The first season started off uninteresting, a bit childish (which is its targeted demographic), but then started to become interesting. It became interesting on an adult level without being inappropriate. The first half of season two wasn’t great, but the second half was amazing; the entire third season was amazing as well (besides the Children of the Force story arc). So far only the first half of the fourth season has aired (I’m assuming we’re at the half way point given that there have been 11 episodes and there are usually 22 episodes in a season), and I haven’t found any of the episodes all that intriguing.

The first story arc of three episodes started off with potential, even if the setup was Clone Wars stereotypical. A planet has two species and even though the planet is a member of the Republic it feels that it’s okay to have an ambassador from the Separatists there. The Separatist ambassador gets the two sides to fight, but turns out to be back stabbing in the end. What made these episodes boring was the constant back and forth fighting; one side wins the battle, then the next pulls a trick and wins, and back and forth and back and forth. It got dull. The main victory in the end was that the story arc was over.

The next episode was the same stereotype setup, but thankfully made for a single episode story arc. It felt like some Clone Wars story generator website must have spit up.

The next two episodes made up a unique story arc which was imaginative, but don’t fit in with the rest of the series. C-3PO and R2-D2 go trundling along with a series of adventures happening around them. I don’t dislike the producers of the show for doing these episodes, they are targeted for a younger audience, but they seem to have lost their touch in doing shows which were both childlike and still interesting.

The next four episodes made up a promising story arc, but took too long to tell, and feels really out of place with the entire series. The Umbra story arc is very dark, and for the first time too violent. While the conclusion was interesting (a Jedi turning because he sees the Jedi falling apart as an organization), the overall violence of the story arc made me dislike it. I realize that this series is about war, but the series traditionally keeps the action to acts of heroism. Not in Umbra though, the violence seemed repetitive, senseless and extreme; not something I would be comfortable having kids watch.

I don’t know if they shifted around writers, or what, but I sure hope that Lucasarts brings back the writers from the second and third seasons. Those episodes were very entertaining and well worth watching. So far the latest episode in season four is “Kidnapped”, and it was a good episode. Hopefully it’s a good sign of the Clone Wars getting back to good story telling, and entertaining action.

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