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Use Alt+D instead of F6 in IE10

Something which I noticed in the Internet Explorer 10 Developer Preview (IE10), is that F6 didn’t bring up the address bar. My normal browsing workflow involves pressing F6 to highlight the contents of the address bar, and begin typing my new desired address to navigate to a new web page. This doesn’t work in the Metro chrome-less IE10. The reason why it doesn’t work is because the purpose of F6 is to cycle through the chrome which is displayed (and I am just getting lucky with the address bar being the first item in the list of things to cycle through), and now that IE10 doesn’t show any chrome by default, there was no address bar to cycle through. So I looked up the different IE short cuts and found that the shortcut for selecting the address bar is Alt+D. Here, I had been using the wrong keyboard shortcut this whole time. I didn’t know what the purpose of F6 was, I thought it was all about the address bar, and it wasn’t.

I’m glad that the Alt+D short cut is there, I would have been quite annoyed if I couldn’t be as effective with the keyboard in Windows 8 (which is where IE 10 is introduced) as I am now. I still have time to practice using Alt+D instead of F6 before Windows 8 becomes the default OS I use at both home and work. Just thought I’d post this as a heads up to anyone else who uses F6 to highlight the address bar like I did/do.

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