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King County will get GPS in the busses

The current King County bus tracking system is really sad. I mean, really sad. The website itself mentions how inaccurate it can be. What the King County Metro does is track the odometer on the buses and has the busses report in at major stops. Then should the driver take a wrong turn, or it’s a snow day (ie, the times you really want to know where your bus is), the whole system is completely unreliable. Given how cheap GPS devices are I emailed King County Councilman Larry Phillips about this. He forwarded my email to Kevin Desmond who replied to me and informed me that half of the King County busses (he calls them coaches) have GPS installed right now. They expect the other half to have them installed by the end of 2012. After all of the busses get GPS installed they’ll roll out a new customer facing front end for tracking the busses. Personally, I think that they should roll out the new front end right now, and people can get excited as the busses they use get the GPS, but having it by the end of the year will be acceptable too. It’s good to know at least something is being done.

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