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Summoner Call Review

June 9, 2012 1 comment

Summoner Call is a game for Windows Phone 7 that makes a fun play. Most of the games to be found in the Marketplace are junk, and sometimes it takes sifting through a lot to find something work playing. If you like Magic the Gathering, Summoner Call is worth playing.

Summoner Call is basically a stripped down Magic the Gathering. The game play is that you’re a wizard/magician going up against other wizards and you have five cards in your hand at any given time and up to one creature card in play. Unlike Magic the creatures can’t die, their kind of used as a team player to take some damage for you, and return some attacks. In addition to the creatures the other big difference is that you can only play one card per turn, and besides that you pretty much have Magic.

There are two kinds of attack spells; normal and unstoppable. The difference is that normal damage can be reduced by the strength of a creature and the armor you have. Unstoppable spells are direct hits to you life points.

One downside to the game is Poison. In my opinion the game is weighted a little too heavily towards the power of poisons. It seems like the way to win a game is to get lucky with playing more poisons than antidotes that the opponent can play. Even though I’ve won many a game by draining my opponent down to 1 life (poisons can’t finish off a player) and then hitting them with a lightning (or other attack spell), it doesn’t make for a rewarding game. On the flip side it’s very frustrating to be hit with poison and never get dealt a card that can cure you of it.

So the game isn’t perfect but it’s still pretty fun. I recommend it for anyone looking for a non-crappy game for their Windows Phone.

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