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Strangest Farming Game yet

I like playing The Farming Game. I own it, but I have yet to win it. Normally what happens is that my wife pulls together enough resources to buy some fruit orchards, gets lucky (or at least doesn’t get unlucky) that it starts to pay off, rockets ahead of everyone else, and wins the game. I played last night with my brother, his wife, and my wife, and the game we played did not follow our typical experience.

The game got to an interesting point where my wife had money and few assets; my sister-in-law had an array of assets but a load of debt; and my brother and myself had some fruit, some other assets, and a little bit of debt. The only thing that was holding my wife back was that she wasn’t landing on spaces which were letting her draw Option To Buy cards, so she had lots of money, but nothing to buy. This was very odd, and statistically quite improbable. I have to wonder if one of the reasons why she was able to get out of debt was that she was landing on spaces which were giving her little sums of cash, but not landing on spaces which were giving her options to buy.

My sister-in-law sold some options-to-buy to my wife and then the game really got moving. Both my brother and I were in positions to really sling shot ahead and win, but somehow that wasn’t happening. We weren’t landing on the right spots, and then when we were we weren’t getting good harvests, it was aggravating. Then something strange happened, my sister-in-law started to come from behind really quickly with all of her assets and it looked like she was going to pay off her debt and win in nearly one swift stroke.

My wife ended up winning, but not without some confusion first. She called the end of the game, but counted her assets and came up short. We counted my assets and I met the exact minimum requirement of assets to win. So we thought I won. Bothered that she mis-calculated my wife had me recount some of her assets and it turns out she had more than I had, and won. Oh, I was so close to my first victory. Would have happened to, if my sister-in-law hadn’t sold my wife those Option to Buy cards. Ah well, there’s always next time.

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