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It’s too easy to get to the Desktop in Windows 8

October 21, 2012 Leave a comment

My 12 month old son attacks computers whenever they’re on. The Doctor said that this healthy because it shows that he’s interested in what his parents are interested in. Since we’re running Windows 8 what I’ll try to do when I let him sit on my lap and try to satisfy his desire to pound on the keyboard and bang the mouse around; is launch a Metro app which should prevent him from messing with my state on the desktop. It never works for more than a few seconds. He gets to the desktop in ways that I probably don’t know about yet. So one of the problems that I have with Windows 8 is that it’s too easy to get to the Desktop.

Microsoft needs to show what’s new in Windows 8

October 16, 2012 Leave a comment

I have had Windows 8 running at work and at home pretty much since it came out. I see videos of someone showing random people Windows 8 and letting them get confused. These videos are stupid because it takes only a few seconds to overcome all of the “confusing” issues. The key to these videos is that the person making the video doesn’t show anyone the video that they would see the first time they log into Windows 8.

Thinking about this I thought I’d look up how I could someone using a desktop some of the UI elements which are different in Windows 8. I am really surprised with how little I found. There is the “Help and Support” that shows what’s new, but that’s surprisingly hard to find, and it’s all text. The information is good, but it’s not sufficiently entertaining enough. So far (10 days before Windows 8 General Availability), I can only find two introductory videos on Microsoft’s website, and both are a little too flashy, are non instructional, and are centered around touch screens.

It’s great for Microsoft to have the touch screen centric videos, they need them, but Microsoft also really, really needs to create videos for someone who is using Windows 8 on a desktop. Post the videos, and that way when people are wondering how to use Windows 8, I can point them to that location.