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Vote beyond the least of two evils

February 25, 2013 Leave a comment

Election party primaries exist as a way for the members of a party to change candidates should they feel that the incumbent isn’t doing a proper job of representing their constituents. In reality, this doesn’t really happen. A tough primary causes party divisions and can be quite distractive. So politicians avoid them as much as possible. The result, is that we the people, may not like the candidate for our party, but there’s nothing we can do about it. We feel trapped, because even though we don’t like our preferred parties candidate we certainly don’t want to vote for the opposing party even more.
So let’s empower the voting public. Change our election laws so that no party (even incumbents) can be on the ballot with just one candidate. Each party needs two candidates. This will allow voters to keep the party they prefer, while allowing them to punish an incumbent.
The winner of such an election would be the winner of the party that won. So if Party A had candidate 1 get 30% and candidate 2 get 25%, while Party B gets %40 and 5% respectively; the winner would be Party A candidate 1. The reason is because that candidate is the winner of the party that won.
If a party can’t get two people to be on the ballot, the party doesn’t get on the ballot.
The only people who wouldn’t like this would be existing incumbents who don’t. Want to be challenged. This would be more effective than term limits on legislatures.

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At least it’s not the Zune app

February 18, 2013 Leave a comment

The Zune brand is dead, and something which is sad about that is that for those who used it, they really liked it. Sure, Zune can be the butt end of jokes, but those are only made by people who never used either the device or the software. So in my mind, Zune is a brand with a great experience. Because of that I am really grateful that Microsoft decided to go with Xbox Music for the Windows 8 App. The Xbox music App is a horrible piece of software, and would have really tarnished the Zune brand should it have been released as the Zune App.