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Creating Styles in Outlook

When composing an email an Outlook there might be a font
Style that you like to apply regularly. I have yet to find a way to create a
style for Outlook messages in Outlook itself. Leaving me with only the styles which come with Outlook. I have discovered a way to create custom styles for Outlook messages.

1. Close Outlook.

2. In File Explorer go to %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates. In that directory there will be a file called
NormalEmail.dotm. Right click to open the context menu and select Open. This should open NormalEmail.dotm in Word.

3. In the Styles part of the Ribbon, bring down the
extra options and select “Create a Style”.

4. Create the style you want.

5. Save the file and close Word.

The next time you compose a message in Outlook, you will see
that your new style is there.

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