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The Major build number for Windows 10 is 10!

I was disappointed with Windows 7, when the build number was 6.1. What happened was that originally the build number was 7.0 (like it should have been), but too many programs refused to install (there were hard coded build number dependencies on Vista as the max OS version). So Microsoft changed the build number to 6.1 (which should have been Vista SP1). Then for Windows 8 the build number became 6.2, and for 8.1 6.3. But what they did differently for Windows 8.1 was to shim out the version number. So unless a processes manifest file informed Windows that it knew about Windows 8.1, the build number that would be returned was the build number for Windows 8. This certainly was one way to force programmers to use the proper API IsWindowsVersionOrGreater.
By doing the shim and lying about the Windows build number, it freed up Microsoft to have proper version numbers for Windows again. This is what I just saw in PowerShell.
Major Minor Build Revision
—– —– —– ——–
10    0       9932         0

I find it exciting.

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