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How Rey is a Mary Sue

April 10, 2016 Leave a comment

Ever since Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been released there has been lots of discussion on the internet on the Mary Sue-ness of the character Rey. I will sum up all of the arguments I’ve seen here with my thoughts on them. Note: Episode VIII has yet to be named, let alone released; so this is my thoughts consisting of just The Force Awakens.(While there is no official definition of a Mary Sue you can get the rough working definition at

  1. Rey beats up the two men who were sent to kidnap her.
    1. This doesn’t come off as a Mary Sue to me. While I was slightly rolling my eyes at it when I first saw The Force Awakens, I’m more okay with it the more I’ve had to think about it. You have two guys who are caught of guard by the resistance their target was able to put up. So far, not a Mary Sue.
  2. Rey flies the Millennium Falcon well enough to fight off two Tie fighters.
    1. Given that she’s a junk collector and there’s no established precedent for her piloting abilities, solid Mary Sue. The only imperfection in the scene is that she had Finn go to the bottom turret instead of the top, but that just created more opportunity to pull off more unlikely maneuvers. Very much Mary Sue writing by the writers.
  3. Rey fixes issues with the Millennium Falcon on the fly.
    1. It’s been established that she’s a scavenger, so also being a mechanic isn’t too far fetched. At least a bailing wire and duct tape type of mechanic. It’s not out of character, not a Mary Sue.
  4. Rey has all of the impressive stats of the Millennium Falcon memorized.
    1. Very Mary Sue. She’s being a fan for the fans.
  5. Rey releases the Rathtar’s aboard Han Solo’s ship.
    1. This is generally pointed out how Rey made a mistake and therefore isn’t a Mary Sue. While it was a mistake, it resulted in getting rid of the gangsters they were trying to get away from, and none of the hero’s were harmed. But it wasn’t an expression of out of character ability, so I’m going with neutral. Neither Mary Sue or not.
  6. Ren captures Rey on Takodana.
    1. This wouldn’t have happened with a Mary Sue. So non-Mary Sue.
  7. Rey resists Ren’s invasion of her mind.
    1. I’m inclined that this should be a Mary Sue, given that Kylo Ren has been presented at being very good at memory reading, but there’s enough precedent for natural Force users to be different in certain ways that I’m going to let it go. So non-Mary Sue.
  8. Rey mind tricks the storm trooper guarding her, into letting her go.
    1. Solid Mary Sue. She has know idea that a Force user could even do such a thing, let alone doing it without ever having consciously used the Force before. Besides, wouldn’t it have been absolutely horrible if Finn actually had to have saved her? Can’t have that.
  9. Rey calls the lightsaber to her.
    1. Mary Sue. Ren is calling it to him at the same time and Rey get’s it.
  10. Rey’s lightsaber battle with Ren is a draw.
    1. Mary Sue. I don’t care if she’s a fighter, or that Ren’s hurt. Kylo Ren shouldn’t have been hit by Chewbacca’s shot anyway. It’s just that without it, even the writers couldn’t have justified a draw, so they did something very convenient for Rey, so it wouldn’t be so absurd for Rey to do as well as she did against Ren, using a weapon she’s never picked up before. So given that the existing premise of Ren’s abilities had to be bent to even get to that point, Mary Sue.
  11. Rey is sent to find Luke Skywalker.
    1. Given what we know from The Force Awakens, also a Mary Sue. Why would Leia send a newbie stranger to go find her brother that she’s been looking for for years. Oh I know, because it’s really convenient for the awesomeness of Rey.

And those are my thoughts. Rey is a Mary Sue. The biggest reason for why I see that she shouldn’t be is “She’s so cool, I don’t want her to be.” But that’s the point. She’s too cool.


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